We understand that we are in a period of limbo and uncertainty with regards to the current Corona Virus situation.

As well as providing guidance on hygiene, we wanted to reassure our community that we have started to prepare workout contingency plans in case of a number of situations.

Over the next few weeks, it’s likely that we may experience some form of community lockdown, have numerous people in 7 day+ isolation and/or have numerous people that become poorly due to Corona Virus.  This means our usual schedule at TONIQ could be moderately or severely disrupted.

We care about our community and know how important health and fitness is in keeping up a strong immune system, therefore we will be providing the following whilst people are unable to come to the gym to exercise:


  1. TONIQ 7

We will be creating 7 days of TONIQ workouts so that member’s can workout at home if they are in isolation but feel well enough. They may well be in isolation due to caring for children or other family members so we want to provide a quality workout that can replace what they might achieve in the gym. 

Members will also have access to Arron and Laura via one call a week should they want any additional guidance.


  1. LIVE video workouts within the TONIQ Member’s Group

Arron and Laura will be LIVE within the Member’s Group to lead LIVE workouts.

If you are a member or book a class with a class pass you will be added to have access to the group.


  1. Outdoor classes in Green Park

The current situation is very fluid but we are making preparations to lead TONIQ sessions in Green Park. This could mean replacing some sessions initially and all sessions in the eventuality of a total lockdown.

The gym will be open for members to use the bathrooms and to access water etc.

We are staying abreast of daily developments so will ensure our members and other clients are ket up to date.


  1. Additional Run Clubs

We already run twice per week so this is a great opportunity to add to that. We will be out in the fresh air – not too close together!

This page will be updated regularly.


We also ask for the safety of the community that you do not attend classes if you have been unwell, particularly with a fever or cough or if you have been in contact with anyone suspected or confirmed to have the COVID-19 (Corona Virus).

Thank you, as always for your commitment to the safety of the TONIQ community.


If you have any questions, want to book a session, or just fancy a chat, please don’t hesitate to visit or drop us a mail!

5 Green Park House