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Our holistic approach to health and wellbeing means that at TONIQ you have access to expert, coach led classes, guidance, workshops and more across our 3 core areas.



SWEAT : Cardio
STRONGER: Strength
BURN: Combination






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More than a workout

We could say a lot about our classes, however we thought our members could say it better!


Katie Sardo, member since August 2018

“There is amazing PT guidance in every class, driving me to push harder and achieve results I never thought possible, I am now stronger, fitter and more confident than ever.”



Mark Burge, member since August 2018

“I have been exercising for years, but never realised the importance and value of balancing HIIT and weights with more mindful practices like Yoga and Qi Gong, these sessions have improved my overall mental health and wellbeing and I really believe have assisted my fitness goals, TONIQ is definitely more than just a workout”.



Kitty Dimbleby, member since August 2018

“I love the sense of community; the trainers and other members are so supportive – I’ve enhanced existing friendships and made new ones. The monthly socials are a serious highlight – working out to the DJ then drinking gin with the TONIQ gang – just perfect”


TONIQ Founder and the mastermind behind the new fitness concept

With 13 years in the industry Arron has trained film stars, athletes and clients across the world. He will use his wealth of experience and knowledge to give you the best fitness experience in Bath.

Get ready to work hard to play hard.


TONIQ Manager and Ex Pro Footballer

Laura has always had a passion for sport and fitness. Originally from London, Laura spent her youth playing football for Tottenham Ladies F.C. and worked as a PE and Science Teacher.

Laura believes you don’t have to be an athlete to train like one, so don’t be afraid to push yourself.

She expects you to bring your A game.


Our Holistic All Rounder

Jessica is a massage therapist, personal trainer and yoga instructor, so she has thorough knowledge of the body and is a strong believer that exercise should be fun, but also leave you feeling stronger, both physically and mentally.

Jessica is sure to make you work hard, have fun and leave feeling excited to book in for your next session.

Prepare for a fully balanced workout.


The Ultimate Mr Motivator

Andy is notorious in Bath for ensuring everyone absolutely smashes their workout, every time.

Famous for saying “oxygen is your best friend” and keeping you moving and working hard when you really don’t think you can. He believes you shouldn’t show up because you have to but because you can!

All he expects is your best.


The Friendly Enforcer

Having always had a passion for sport and fitness, last year James packed his bags and left his corporate job in London to pursue a career in personal training and the fitness industry.

He’s hot on the little details, so expect him to be strict on your form and timings!

Whether an expert or a novice, James will ensure everyone is thoroughly put through their paces.


AKA Sweat with Het

Ex pro tennis coach, Hetty is a ball or energy and rarely at a standstill. Lover of all forms of exercise and often competing in marathons, she is currently training for her first iron man. Hetty believes the sky is the limit so will push you to reach for the stars in every workout.


The Balanced Restorer

When competing in her native New Zealand in cycling, athletics and long distance triathlon, Lana discovered Yoga as the perfect balance to restore and heal.

Highly qualified in sport science and conditioning, Lana qualified as a yoga teacher and uses her wealth of knowledge and experience to assist every individual in supporting their sport through yoga.


Our Nutritionist

Sophia completed a Masters in Nutrition & Human Health and now specialises in weight management, gut health and sports nutrition. Sophia’s aim is to empower you to embrace a sustainable approach to nutrition and provide the tools for you to take forward to live a full and healthy lifestyle.




We understand that we are in a period of limbo and uncertainty with regards to the current Corona Virus situation. As well as providing guidance on hygiene, we wanted to reassure our community that we have started to prepare workout contingency plans in case of a number of situations. Over the next few weeks, it’s…

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Make 2020 the year you develop good health habits

New year, new resolutions. But is it ever really a new you? You navigate through dry January, head to the gym a bit more frequently and it feels good for a while. But February begins, alcohol is back and gradually you fall back into the same pattern of what you eat and drink and when…

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How TONIQ helped Helen achieve 7th Place in the NYC Marathon

TONIQ member Helen has kindly shared, in her own words, how TOINQ helped her prepare and achieve amazing results in the 2019 New York Marathon in November. I joined TONIQ as a member in January – taking part in the 8 week transformation course. I find it really helpful to have a goal to work…

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If you have any questions, want to book a session, or just fancy a chat, please don’t hesitate to visit or drop us a mail!

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